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19 Nov 2021
Fashion and Beauty Brands at Expo 2020 Dubai Rami Al Ali Dubai-based designer Rami Al Ali has partnered with architect Carmelo Zappulla for Expo 2020 Dubai’s Design and Crafts Programme MENASA, to share a joint story through an exclusive window display. Zappulla, founder and executive director of the award-winning international studio External Reference, specializes in urban design, architectural and interior design, and exhibition design. This project sees the architect creating a new installation in collaboration with the designer. Al Ali used his penchant towards craftsmanship to create intricate hand embroidery that covers the tips of Zappulla’s 3D Installation with the use of organic shapes. Al Ali’s work aims to create a visual journey that emphasizes the evolution of crafts in the region while modernising it to appeal to today’s generation. Al Ali uses his work with Zappulla to provoke a new perspective while highlighting the breadth and vibrancy of the country’s contemporary design scene. Bridging the gap between past and present to honour the creative culture of the region. The embroidery on the installation is a juxtaposition of traditional UAE crafts, incorporating materials such as natural fibres from palm frond used for weaving, Talli (traditionally used for embroidery), Sadu (a form of Bedouin weaving), and cotton fishing nets. Embracing the natural colour palette of each raw material, the designer creates a collage of shapes. Each element is abstracted to take on a new form – branches, flowers and petals are constructed to reflect elements of the designer’s couture line. Every aspect of embroidery is constructed by hand to deliver a high couture standard. The installation took a total of 375 hours to create and used 1520 meters of material to execute it. The exhibition along with a series of commemorative hand-crafted boxes produced by Al Ali are available to see and purchase at the MENASA Boutique located at the Rove Hotel at Expo 2020 Dubai. Fashion Design, Dubai.
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