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26 Mar 2022
RAMI AL ALI Fall Winter 2022.23 Collection For FW22 Season, Rami Al Ali was inspired by the beauty of the city skyline at dusk Discover RAMI AL ALI Fall Winter 2022.23 Collection that was inspired by the beauty of the city skyline at dusk, and brings harmonious connection between both colour and shape. The designer captures the beauty of the transitional shift from day to night with exquisite craftsmanship. The collection fuses feminine designs with modern forms to highlight the brand’s contemporary and sharp tailoring. For the season, Rami Al Ali finds the balance between sophisticated elegance and a contemporary sensibility. “Al Ali’s signature meticulous beadwork continues to play an integral role in the brand’s visual identity, and with the modernization of such classical techniques allows for a simplistic and intricate result. Evoking rich and feminine movement throughout the collection, Rami Al Ali hones his technical expertise once again and illustrates the clever use of subtle and soft ostrich feathers incorporated among the trimmings and embodied in between the delicate embroidery. Transcending all the features of a signature couture design, each look offers the same level of focus to detailed handwork to ensure a luxurious feel. Unique designs display modernity and classic style stand out against a rich palette of jewel colours. Forest green, raspberry, mandarin, and harbor blues are thoughtfully contoured with a strong presence of charcoal black to provide a level of depth and a moody undertone.” – From Rami Al Ali Ready to Wear, Evening dress, Fashion Design, Dubai.
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