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19 Nov 2021
MENASA Emirati Design Platform presents "crafts in dialogue with innovative processes and materials" at Expo 2020 Dubai Flowing Crafts is a 13-metre window display that merges 3D printing with local crafts, designed by Carmelo Zappulla and Rami Al Ali In the window display of the exhibition space, an installation called Flowing Crafts can be seen. Designed by architect Carmelo Zappulla and fashion designer Rami Al Ali, in collaboration with Al Ghadeer UAE Crafts, the 13-metre-long flowing sculptural form blends cutting-edge 3D-printing technology with traditional Emirati crafts and materials. To create the installation, Zappulla used 3D-printing technology to create a series of undulating lines that evokes the power of both natural forces and technological innovation. Al Ali then wrapped the futuristic 3D-printed form in the wool of Sadu, the intricate, golden patterns of Talli embroidery, local natural palm fibres, and threads used in traditional fishing nets. Expo, Fashion Design, Dubai.
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