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19 Nov 2021
Rami Al Ali White 2 Collection Rami Al Ali White returns for its second season to offer an annual collection of ready-to-wear evening and bridal looks. Designed with the same commitment set forth in the launch, the Maison aims to create forward-thinking fashion that prioritizes longevity. This season’s lineup showcases 10 unique looks inspired by the modern woman. Confidence, strength, and glamour are the defining characteristics of this season’s heroine. Forming a collection around his muse, Al Ali uses his recognisable aesthetic to deconstruct classic looks by reimagining them with new vision. Structured silhouettes are interspersed between other whimsical designs to provide a sense of contrast. The collection bears a marked richness but in a modern, subtle way and with detail that is both romantically feminie and strikingly bold. Much like other Rami Al Ali collections, inspiration is derived from prominent architectural influences. Each look is characterised by dynamic designs and artistic complexities, designed to evoke emotions. Sixteenth century baroque details are echoed through intricate handwork with a level of detail that surmises the designer’s penchant for couture. Dense embroidery is coupled with the lightness of feathers to give the illusion it is hovering on the fabric. Complimenting the opulent craftsmanship is the use of feminine fabrics such as guipure, lace, tulle, organza and mikado. Their inclusion provides movement to the looks that is both sensual and demure. While a monochrome palette of white washes over the entire collection, enhancing its timeless appeal. Bridal, Wedding dress, Fashion Design, Dubai. https://www.lofficielarabia.com/fashion/rami-al-ali-white-2-collection
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